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MUOV in the Press

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GCN’s Hot Cycling Tech At The London Cycle Show!

Cycling Weekly: “the best of the tech"

Titanium Geek:

Articles & Quotes

DC Rainmaker: "I love their frame designs […] This immediately puts all other indoor smart bike designs to hang their heads in shame. So good.”

Financial Times: "It takes “real feel” to another level – it tilts as you steer, for instance – and is future-proofed for the evolution of cycling gamification."

TiltBikes in Men's Health
Conquer the Metaverse

Men's Health: "The Muoverti TiltBike is a sensor-packed indoor system; it's the first to deploy a digitised handlebar steering and elastomer-guided side-to-side tilt to create a realistic ride."

Men's Health (Aug 22): "Muoverti’s TiltBike makes virtual indoor sessions feel like real rides. Clip in and conquer the Metaverse" 9 incredibly innovative cycling brands to watch. "Muoverti’s indoor training bike does several clever things. Designed in London, not only can it move from side to side as you pedal to provide a natural ride feel, but you can also lean it over or twist its handlebars to steer yourself through virtual environments."

Cycling Weekly: Tech of the Month May: Cycle Show special

Engadget: "TiltBike frames look similar to real bikes and there are even built-in gaming controls."

Cyclingnews: "Muoverti's TiltBike takes many of the best trainer accessories, combines them with indoor smart bike technology, and then adds the ability to move and tilt, to create a one-of-a-kind indoor cycling experience."

Gear Patrol: "TiltBike simulates the feeling of riding a real bike on the road, and accurately mimics the balance and resistance required to ride a traditional bike."

GCN Tech: "A really immersive experience that could totally change indoor training"

Tomsguide: "This new tilting exercise bike makes Peloton look like a toy"

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