MUOV Bikes are the only stationary bikes that feel natural, like riding outdoors.

Enjoy the sensation of freedom in movement, engage your core, and reduce the discomfort of ordinary stationary bikes.

Made for everyone looking to train smarter, feel better, and stay fit.


Natural Balancing and Steering

Exercise your core, reduce saddle soreness and general discomfort.

Move Freely, Go Anywhere

Move freely across digital spaces just like a game. Train tactics and skills.

Options For Road & Triathlon

Choose the frame that fits your body and your sport.

Ready for E-Sports and the Metaverse

Immersive, spatial cycling in 3D environments.

Natural balancing and steering

No more static cycling! TiltBikes support the body's natural lateral movements and balancing reflexes.

Freely navigate in virtual space

You can steer freely, practice bike skills, and explore the online worlds of supported apps. Unlike static setups riders are no longer restricted to "ride in a lane".

Electronic Shifting and Virtual Braking

Gears and shifting can be configured, and brake levers enable deceleration in virtual environments. 

Frame swapping

Road and TT frames are available in regular and extra-large sizes. They can easily be swapped in and out of the same base for the right bike experience.

Power accuracy

The built-in power measuremnet provides power accuracy of +/- 1% and generates up to 2400W of resistance.

MUOV Bikes

The Road Bike

Next generation features such as tilting, steering, simulated shifting and braking. Different size and design options to fit your preferences.


Frame Swap

Each Road and TT frameset is compatible with the MUOV bike base unit and can easily be switched. Frame Swap is ideal to for different users and individual preferences, such as size, geometry and design.

Road Bike

Triathlon Bike

It takes the 'Real Feel' to another level - it tilts as you steer, for instance - and is future - proofed for the evolution of cycling gamification.
The MUOV tilt bike is a sensor - packed indoor system; it's the first to deploy a digitised handlebar steering and elastomer-guided-side-to-side tilt to create a realistic ride.
TiltBike frames look similar to a real bike and there are even built-in gaming controls.
MUOV's TiltBike takes many of the best trainer accessories, combines them with indoor smart bike technology, and then adds the ability to move and tilt, to create one-of-a-kind indoor cycling experience.
I love their frame designs […] This immediately puts all other indoor smart bike designs to hang their heads in shame. So good.
TiltBike simulates the feeling of riding a real bike on the road, and accurately mimics the balance and resistance required to ride a traditional bike.


"The ability to tilt and steer and ride in open 3D environments are a game changer for indoor cycling"